Working Responsibly


As far back as 1997 we were pioneering the use of the first sustainable ‘Eucalyptus’ boards. We moved onto fully recycled board and then to being the first publisher in our market to source an FSC certified board for printing cards for our charity clients. This meant that our charity customers were at the forefront of driving public awareness around this issue both through the use of better materials and the positive environmental branding placed on cards.
Producing our product locally (in the UK) means it is not shipped across the globe and is produced in factories where the highest standards of environmental management are in place.
We are currently addressing the environmental impacts of plastics, flitters and foil. We are not jumping to quick solutions to complex problems around these issues, but this is an on-going part of our work at Paper Dove that we look to find long-term, sustainable solutions.


Our customer rely on Paper Dove to be aware of issues that arise in the supply of their products that may present a risk to the charity’s reputation. This overshadows everything in our view. So for over 20 years we have had our customers cards packed in packing houses with properly monitored and managed conditions rather than the cheaper and widely used approach of home packing. This has cost us more, but is an unseen and important part of what we do. Most importantly it protects our customers reputation in areas that they may not be aware represent a risk.
We’ve always been very mindful of areas like card packing. Even when contracted in the UK, it can be open to exploitation of families and young people.
More recently the spotlight has moved to organisations with turnover that exceeds £36m putting in place measures to identify risk, and to take action to prevent modern slavery. This threshold means this serious issue is relevant for many of our charity clients.
As a smaller business we feel equally concerned to trade in the least harmful way. Over the last 2 years Paper Dove has done a full risk assessment in relation to the supply of cards into charity customers. We have robust procedures in place to monitor high risk areas from the paper mills through to the couriers who deliver the product. We are happy to provide more detailed information to clients on this issue and how it might concern them.


Part of our company is owned by the fair trade pioneer Traidcraft Plc. In our early days, and to this day, we've worked to support initiatives that aid people in developing countries, often women workers, to be empowered to take control of their own lives and become more financially independent. This has involved us in finding markets for their products through to designing whole card ranges free of charge. Exposure to working practices in countries like Bangladesh also exposed us to the worst of conditions that people, often out of sight, were working in.
From the start we wanted to produce cards in a way that ensured that people were properly paid and that they worked in appropriate conditions. Our products are produced in the UK and in properly managed conditions throughout the supply chain. Our suppliers are paid on time, usually in 30 days and we have many supplier relationships that go back over 20 years.