Specialist Supply

Our clients' promotions often require a broad range of designs supplied in card pack form.  That makes the charity card market very different to other supply scenario's on the high street and needs a very different print and packing approach. Our supply chain is designed across multiple printers and packing houses, and is scalable, specialist and responsive. It enables us to avoid supply bottlenecks or even machine breakdowns that could impact on delivery times and wasted opportunity for the charity. Our suppliers are a range of specialist card printers and packers with in-house control over print finishing and retail packing, all based in the UK.


Alongside Christmas card promotions, we also pioneered single cards into charity retail outlets. We continue to be the main supplier of single card ranges to many of the major charity brands in the UK. This means marrying a high level of creativity and design innovation with responsive and cost-effective production.


Our suppliers are UK based. While this means we have to remain efficient in order to provide competitive pricing, we can give assurance to our clients that production is within properly controlled and regulated environments. Risk to our clients reputation is another aspect of risk that informs our process. UK production gives us the maximum control over every aspect of every job, allows us to deliver excellent customer service and assurance that products are produced appropriately for the charity environment we supply.


Supplying into charity retail shops needs an understanding of the nature of charity retail. Shop location, staffing availability, and the needs of shop managers have to be taken into account. It is our job to make the process as simple and straight-forward as possible.


The same goes for buyers who need to feel confident that their card ranges are produced to a high quality, delivered on time and that they are kept informed throughout the process. Our approach to customer service is to give the right level of information to support each of our clients' needs so they can minimise the time devoted to managing their card ranges.


With over 20 years working with many of the UK's largest charities we have a wealth of experience in managing charity card promotions as well as working with buyers, shop managers and supporters. We make our entire client list available as reference to the work we do at Paper Dove.