Paper Dove

We began trading in 1997 designing and producing Christmas cards for charity organisations. To this day we are the only publisher that specialises in supplying this important market.

Our approach to design, production and supply is tailored to the specific needs of charities. We develop projects for many of the largest charities in the UK and Europe including Scope, Barnardo's, British Red Cross, Save the Children, The National Trust, The Royal British Legion, PDSA, British Heart Foundation and many others. We have worked on individual Christmas card ranges with a retail value in excess of £5m, so we are able to resource and manage even the most complex projects.

We pioneered the introduction of everyday card ranges into charity shops over 10 years ago, which is now a significant source of year round new income for charities.

Alongside this we have committed to being a good business, working to make sure we have the least impact on the environment, treat people well, work honestly and openly with our clients, and look to do some good. We are a well resourced and financially strong business and are happy to make our accounts available to all our clients or potential clients.

After 20 years the opportunities to support our clients are greater than ever, and we continue to develop our business in order to be the best supplier for both good causes and charity organisations.