Paper Dove

The UK's leading publisher specialising in the design and supply of greetings cards to charities and good causes


"Paper Dove constantly exceeds our expectations. They have delivered an exceptional level of service from day one."

Amy White, CLIC Sargent

Specialist Supply

We design and supply card projects into some of the UK's largest charities and charity retail promotions. Our client list includes many of the most prominent charity brands on the high street. This includes Scope, Barnardos, BRC, British Heart Foundation, The National Trust, Save the Children, PDSA and many others.


We know how important it is to be reliable and reactive in this market, to make deliveries to shops and shop managers as straightforward as possible.


Charities and charity retailers have specific supplier needs. Most importantly our supply chain is designed and scaled to support multiple large, complex card promotions, as well as smaller charity ranges, using a range of specialist UK-based suppliers.


Personalised Service

'I have always felt so well supported by you all, and our continued growth in Christmas card sales could not have happened without you.'

Macmillan Trading Manager

Our aim is to make creating complex card projects feel simple. Customer service is the most important thing we do. With over 20 years focusing on just this task we can support and bring experience to almost any charity card project.




Tailored Design

Our design team is structured to offer the greatest breadth of design whilst working closely with buyers to adapt and tailor both card and range design for each charity.


Each of our clients have elements that are important and unique to their charity's cause and that supporters care about. Our job is to understand this. To be creative, inventive, and to work with buyers to achieve the charity's aims and promotional goals.




Working Responsibly

The 'Dove' part of our name is about doing some good with the work that we do.

The importance of caring for the environment has always been at the forefront of our business. Care for the products that end up in the hands of our customers and care for the people who work with us.

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